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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Ive been playing with the alien breed 3d graphics a little bit with the intention of helping out XDelusion with his AB3d project and started thinking about the editor features of alien breed3d2. Not to say I want to start any project with it myself, but has anyone given it much of a try? The reason I ask is just curiosity as to whether it'd be possible to recreate alien breed 3d 1 with the engine? While I like alienbreed 3d2 I do think the 1st game was better in a lot of ways and it'd be cool to have a version with 1x1 pixel resolution and a larger screen.

All hypothetical of course, but one the surface it seems the "easiest" way to get a sort of remake of ab3d 1 in 1x1 that'll run on 68k/aga amigas.
good question i prefer AB3D1 level design

but no times for that.

some remake project extisted:
by example:

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