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This improves the ripping process tremendously. Do you think this is going to be part of MAMEs master branch? I think it is very useful.
I had a look but in newer mame they changed the way to visualize the tiles: they only decode the ones that are currently viewed.

From testing the tool it seems that whenever I save the palette, that's the one single palette currently active in the game's current frame. If I save the sprite sheet, then the tool creates all versions with all palettes. What I don't really understand is how I can find out which of the sprite sheets uses the current pallete, except for trial and error. Do you think it would be possible to encode the palette id in the palette filename? That way it would be possible to quickly find the appropriate style sheets. Or maybe I missed something and there is an easy way to know which stylesheet uses the current palette.
I don't think that's possible.

The pal format of the written palette is not recognised by Aseprite. Is this a different format with the same name? Can you name a tool that is able to read this format?
The palette was saved in raw binary format, i changed it so they are saved in paint shop pro format (can be imported in gimp and probably other software aswell).
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