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Originally Posted by lubomyr View Post
Some info about mousehack from Pandora forum:
Q: What does the new mousehack code do?
A: The new mousehack allows you to use the stylus on touchscreen to exactly position the mouse on Amiga workbench.

Interesting and very useful feature for users which want to use direct (not relative) touchscreen mouse mode

I have been using the mouse hack non-relative option with Workbench and it works really well, thank you. I have also used it with some workbench games with success. I understand that non-Workbench games don't read the mouse the same way and don't work with mouse hack's non-relative movements.

What about a feature where the mouse can be calibrated for a specific game when using mouse hack mode? Perhaps even a way to save calibration for specific games? It's a bit kludgy but from my experiments with the way the mouse moves in some games, I can see that a game specific custom calibration that translates the touch position to the mouse position would indeed work.
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