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Originally Posted by Steril707 View Post
@everybody: thanks a lot...

@Whitebird: Yes, 50 fps. Everything. On a real machine with a CRT connected it looks smooth as butter...

@Akira: Well, I guess that comes down to graphical style preferences then. I am not a big fan of dithering, and usually try only using it sparingly.
Regarding the palette, it's only 7 colours for the foreground, since this is running in dual playfield mode. I think I am already making most out of it, but you are off course welcome to come up with something better with only using those few colours...

I actually like the non-dithered look.

Dithering made sense in 1990, with our fuzzy 14" CRT's .
Now, with razor-sharp 24" LCD screens not so much....
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