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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
They have little speakers but the monitors themselves are as big as a good subwoofer and maybe even bigger. So yes the sound isn't perfect but it ain't crap either.
Can't agree with you that monitor speakers sound as good as a subwoofer, that's an impossible statement.

As for monitor speakers, like the 1084s that i own, sure it can sound nice and crisp and pick up on the little sounds, but it simply can't reproduce any kind of bass whatsoever, which for me, is missing half the the sounds.

Just listen to a suburban bass amiga mod on a monitor speaker, then listen to it with any kind of decent speakers with a sub, and you will see what i mean!

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Most sounds were designed to be played on them, btw.
I would imagine that any semi pro amiga musician back in the day would not be using monitor speakers, rather some half decent speakers with an amp to produce music with, which would mean there sounds were best heard on anything but a monitor speaker.

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