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I just wanted to add to this discussion by saying that I somewhat recently bought Don't Starve on Steam (it's currently available for Linux, Mac, Windows) and when I first started playing it, I was thinking "This could/should be on the Amiga!" It just has that feel to it. The Amiga could easily handle it. Though world generation would probably take longer.

But it gave me the idea of perhaps asking some of the Indie developers (especially those that work on the Humble Bundle games, and especially on the ones that support Linux, as I think they'd be more inclined to 'fight for the little guy.')

What could be interesting is if someone created a cross-platform Amiga, Mac, Linux, Windows game and put it in the Humble Bundle They'd get money from their efforts and the beginnings of respect from peers and the Amiga community. Then once they have already created the engine for doing those four platforms, they could start doing more releases for all platforms.

From what I've seen from lurking around for a few years, is that the biggest negative for creating a new commercial game for the Amiga is that the community has shrunk and somewhat split.

This is due to several factors.
1) OCS/ECS vs AGA vs RTG? What do you program for? You would need to create something that would work well on all to get the most customers.

2) 680x0? I'd say optimize for the 020 as the lowest common denominator, just hoping you don't have anyone out there with less that hasn't upgraded for whatever reason.

3) Same thing as above for PPC. To get the largest target, you'd have to put in PPC optimizations at the most.

4) Distribution. Now days it's pretty much all digital. Which may make it difficult to get it to Amiga users. When people are asking for A500 games, do they have some sort of network card, or even hard drives?

5) Shrinking community due to hording... this is probably one of the biggest issues. Seems like we have about 1000 or so people in the world that are hording all the working hardware, either that or they're sitting forgotten in some attic or closet (like my Atari STs are at the moment! But I only have three of those!) I saw an old post earlier today where a guy said he had 3 4000Ts...that's just sick, and he should seek help The hording is understandable to an extent though, we don't want our precious Amigas to die, and spare parts are always welcome.

I think the best way really to revive the Amiga platform would/will have to be in the form of something like the FPGArcade, Natami (dead?), Tina, etc. Getting new hardware to replace the older stuff, especially if it can have modern improvements built into the bus, like faster speeds, etc. But then again you'd run into the earlier issues of which lowest denominator do you shoot for?

I would think the A1200 (stock with 020) would probably hit the widest market of Amiga users, wouldn't everyone else agree? (And no I'm not saying that because that's all I have. I have a really decked out A4000D, but it was a pricey adventure to get there...)

By the way... no, I haven't put any thought at all into this... (okay, you caught me, I was considering learning how to program, and I figured doing it on the Amiga would be awesome).

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