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CD32 is anyone interested

I wasn't too sure where to put this.. so i put it in here.

Ok this will only apply to Amiga/CD32 nuts like me :laugh

I am going to form a group of people who are interested in making CD32 cd-roms from Normal amiga games.

The idea is to do compilation cd-roms with maybe themes such as sport, action, platform and so on.

It's not hard to do and most of it is done in Winuae and only takes a short time to do a game.

The main prob will prolly be a Menu... I haven't been on my Amiga for some years now and i have lost touch abit.

What i need in this group is someone who could create us a menu that will hold upto 50 games.
I need someone who will create Title Screens for each compilation. And someone to sort us some music out.

When we have these areas covered we can then convert the games.

WHY you may ask.. Well a CD32 can be bought for around £20 in the UK second hand and with all the games we have we could make some really good cd's up. See if you buy an A1200 you will need alot of floppies like i have..

These release's will go WORLD WIDE on the net.. and the people who become part of the team will be FULLY credited in ALL the CREDITS/NFO'S etc. I will also be putting a web page up about this soon with what we release on it.

So if you are interested please let me know here CD32 Project if you don't know how to do this don't worry it's not hard and you will be given instructions on this.
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