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So with the HXC firmware on the Gotek can you still load ADFs in all 999 tracks, make a list and just choose ADFs with the buttons and looking at the 3 digit display? Or do you have to go into the HXC menu to select games every time?

Edit: Saw some info on an ebay sellers page who sells Gotek with HXC firmware. He wrote that the 15 first slots could be assigned. If this is the case, then it would not be very practical for me as right now I have slot 21 to 512 assigned on my Cortex Goteks. It will allow 1 to 999 for assigning. Having to enter the menu to assign ADFs all the time is not very practical. Neither can I see why a LCD display showing the name of the ADFs would be so practical because you have to cycle through alot of ADFs anyway. By using the Cortex firmware to assign up to 999 slots and making a list in somewhat alphabetical order it's very fast and practical to just jump to any of the assigned ADFs. By holding the forward or backwards buttons it will cycle extremely fast. I like to look at this solution as my virtual floppy boxes. Only this solution is much faster than it would be to cycle through 500 or 999 real floppies.

Of course the HXC firmware has it's benefits. Like supporting other formats than the standard 880KB ADF and of course other systems than Amiga (but this is Amiga forum and I only care about Amigas). But with the Cortex firmware I only encountered a few problems thus far. A few games will not detect disk swapping. However I got them working by using two Goteks (DF0 and DF1). Keep in mind, this is only 3 games I found with this problem. I only found one game that needs extended ADF to make savegame, and that is Cannon Fodder (If needed, can use a real floppy drive as DF1 to save of course). Cannon Fodder 2 does not have this problem. Also made savegames in all other games I've tried. As for people needing to reflash Cortex due to it corrupting I have not had any of those problems on my 3 Cortex Goteks. I bought them pre-flashed from So it could be people got unlucky with batches of Gotek drives or something happened with the flashing.

The way I see it is that the HXC firmware needs to be able to assign 1 to 999 slots and emulate drive A and B on the Gotek for me to spend money on the firmware. For now I will stick to Cortex.

Edit2: Found some info that the original HXC floppy (not Gotek with HXC firmware) emulators could assign upto 250 slots on the Amiga. This is still far from the 999 on the Gotek Cortex but much better than only 15 slots for the HXC Gotek. But even 250 slots is not enough for me at least.

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