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Got my first one yesterday (ordered 6. Hehe).

Had some problems getting the PL2303HX working in windows. Just comes up with a yellow exclamation mark.

Then I read that it can be problems with windows 8.1. So I got it working with these two:

After that, I had to configure the device (COM3) in device manager to fit the settings in the program.
Could not get it detected using VCC and GND from the USB adapter. Once I plugged a floppy power connector from an ATX, all was fine =)

Tested it in an A1200 with Blizzard IV 1230 with no problems. Well, only problem was that the menus in SELECTOR is a bit to fast. Have to really just tap the keys or you send 3-4 commands at once.

Could not close the case without modifications in the A1200 or A500 (tested that one too). Going to try in a A4000 now.

Edit: Yes, A4000 works fine as well =)
Only strange thing is... on all machines I've tested, if I mount a non-bootable disk, the screen just stays black, even through I have a HD. Normally, the machine would go "ok, never mind" and keep booting from the HD. If no other boot device exists, show kickstart screen.
This makes it a bit cumbersome when you play a multi floppy game. You boot with 001. Switch to 002 to insert disk 2. Then you shut the machine down. Now, when you boot up again, it will try and boot from 002, giving only a black screen. You then have to switch to 001 and reboot.

Another nice feature would be if the filename scrolled so you can see the whole thing. Right now, if the filename is too long (TOSEC), you have no idea which disk you are mounting.

Other then a few minor things, I'd say great work H.M =) Big thanks.

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