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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Does the saving survive a cold boot ( ie keep their previous slot assignment ?

is there/can there be a config file tht will always assign a defaut adf. For example when i test my boards i always boot 3.1 WB floppy so it would be nice to just turn on the Amiga and have it auto boot that (unless i press button etc)
It remembers. I just turned Amiga on after having dinner and it autobooted Alien 3 which is on slot 1. So it seems the driver remembers what slot you left it on.
Also I imagine that the firmware tries auto booting Selector.adf from SLOT 000. So I cannot see why you could not rename workbench.adf to selector.adf.
But you probably don't need to do it as it remembers the last slot (and what is on the other allocated slots).
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