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Thanks for your patience, Carlo !!
Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
I've found a problem with using PNG deficons for the drawers of the PhotoCD which causes Enforcer hits and crashes. .... Don't use PNG deficons until I have found the reason for this issue, which did never occur on Workbench yet.
Unfortunately, I don't have much time today and tomorrow to look into this, so please wait some days ...

Update: It could be a problem with the links that AsimCDFS uses to add virtual icons to the PhotoCD, maybe unbuffered reads, accessing the CD filesystem directly are not supported correctly. I noticed that even DOpus4 crashes or throws Enforcer hits when you open CD0: and try to copy the icons to RAM: (icon.library is not involved), but the same works with the Copy command from a shell window. This needs more investigations ...

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