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Originally Posted by Akira
As long as it takes for ebay to take care about it. Don't you give a fuck? Well, I do.
sure I do...but as long as there are so many pirates sales (and not only on ebay, check other platforms, too)...and with reffering to a similar Thread here on you really think this will be stopped any day?
What about those AMIGA Webpages selling CDRs with 1000 downloaded programmes in adf?
Originally Posted by Akira

And if you used the SEARCH OPTION of the forum you would find a reply to your question. Keep in mind not all games will run, and if there's no whdoad slave available, well, tough shit, you can't get them to run at all...
I checked the SEARCH OPTION before but wasn't able to find one. That's why I'm asking. If there is already one I would appreciate if anybody post the appropriate link here.
Thanks and happy easter
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