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Caught Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix, a documentary about people of different levels of obesity that get caught up into juice diets. It's rather feel-good in nature, I enjoyed watching it. If you are too big or even obese it may be very confrontational however.

I'm not a fan of juice diets or juicing in general, I think destroying the natural fiber structures of fruits and vegetables is very counterproductive to what you want to achieve; not to mention taking away the necessity to chew which is an important factor in the digestive process. I can't deny the results shown in this docu though (which are probably not shown exactly as it happened as it is and remains an edited piece of film), for people wickedly obese it may not be such a bad thing to do this as a hard reboot of the system.

60 days of it still seems excessive and may cause some damage if done to the wrong body. If you do something like that, by golly do so under constant supervision. just winging it is how people end up permanently damaging their organs.

7.5/10; fun, inspirational but can use a bit more instruction to it regarding medical supervision.
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