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YANM (yet another new member)

Hi guys!

I've not done any Amiga stuff for years now, but back in the day, I did a few public domain games and utilities that made their way onto Fred Fish disks.

I was having a bit of a spring clean, found my old Amiga in the loft and decided to power it up. It's a 500+ with a Commodore 1084 monitor and a SupraDrive 30MB hard disk. I've got loads of extra hardware bits and pieces for it, but I've not tried those yet.

The Amiga and monitor worked fine, but the hard disk wouldn't spin up. I tried shaking it and when that didn't work, took off the cover and started it up by hand. Then the hard disk would mount and partly worked, but I kept getting read errors, so I think it's probably time to chuck the actual SCSI drive in the bin

So then I downloaded an emulator for the PC, fired that up, started looking on-line for the Fred Fish disks (my source code was on those too) and a compiler... which bought me here.

One game I did was a thing called Leap! which was a sort of copy of an old Spectrum game named 'Jumping Jack', and I did another thing named Puzz, which was a sliding-block puzzle game where you could also make your own puzzles.

I also made a smooth-scrolling video titling utility thing named sMovie, which a few people used with genlocks to add titles to videos - and there were some others - I forget now.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to looking back for a few days - nostalgia being as good as I remember it being, and all that.

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