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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
No need to be like that; I'm just saying that all your threads are related to your website updates.

Best to have them in one thread instead of 10 or so scattered around EAB...
I struggle on this site cus nobody shows any interest. I work very hard to create pages, photographing , collating information etc and I very often never get a single comment. I updated the website once with a hand crafted page that had so many links to Amiga resources and disks and not one person here said a thing. Not one. Sure everyone visited the site to download all the disks..... but nobody said thank you or anything. Three massive updates to the website posted here with nearly 2000 views each and not one single comment. And the only comment this time is a moan.

What is the point. Really.

Just made me realise what a pointless exercise it is posting on this site. Sorry for that. Thanks for the scratch, probably needed it.

Like I say I'll leave you alone in future.
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