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DamienD's WinUAE Collection - [720x576] Old vs New Scanlines

Originally Posted by WallyGR View Post
Thanx Damien! I am eager to try the new update

Sorry for bringing this up again but...
If we know which games are 640*480 and which are 720*576, I THINK we can work out a scanline configuration for each resolution and apply it in accordingly...can't we?
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
I can definitely tell you how to work out which games are 640x480 or 720x576

Just use Notepad++, "Search" --> "Find in Files", then for "Find what:" enter "gfx_width_fullscreen=720". This gives you a list of all 720x576 configurations...

I did play round with creating a custom "scanlines" like mask and things looked ok when used with only 720x576 games and there was no tearing as opposed to when setting "1:2".

When I'm home tonight I'll give you details to see what you think
Sorry for the delay WallyGR, been busy doing other tasks...

Here's what I came up with, again it's by no means perfect but; at least the scanlines are consistent and there's no tearing.

To test you need to do the following:
  • Download the attached and extract into "C:\WinUAE\Plugins\masks".
  • Load a game that has a resolution of 720x576 applied.
  • Select "Filter", next to "Masks", change "None" --> "720x576_Scanlines.png".
  • Under "Extra Settings" select "Scanline opacity" and set as "0".
The big question is, does the above look better than the current settings for 720x576 games?
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