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Lemon/EAB Super League 2020 - Round 12 - Cast Your Votes

:lemonade: Lemon/EAB Super League 2020 - Round 12 - Cast Your Votes

Normal Round
:boing: Vote for the game we will play in Round 12 of the 2020 Super League.
:boing: Voting starts now and ends Saturday 12th Sept, 23:59pm UK Time.
:boing: Vote for 5 games, rank them 1-5, 1 being highest.
:boing: Your first choice gets 5 points, second 4pts, third 3pts, fourth 2pts, fifth 1pt.
:boing: Remember to choose games suitable for competition play.
:boing: If in doubt, ask in the thread or contact a Moderator before you vote.
:boing: Some games from the 2013 Super League are Back In Play.
:boing: The winner of the previous round (11) gets double voting power.
:boing: Edited votes will be discounted - so think before you post.

:!: The following games have already been chosen, so you cannot vote for them:

2020 Season:
R11: Cannon Fodder
R10: Soccer Kid and Super Twintris [link]
R9: Fightin Spirit AGA [link]
R8: War Zone (Core) [link]
R7: The Spy Who Loved Me [link]
R6: Battle Squadron [link]
R5: Jaguar XJ220 [link]
R4: Jump N Roll & Wizzy's Quest [link]
R3: Wolfchild [link]
R2: Turrican [link]
R1: Hybris and Shadow of the Beast III [link]

2019 Season:
R14: Trap Runner [link]
R13: Celtic Heart and Minskies Furballs [link]
R12: Pro Tennis Tour 2 [link]
R11: Worthy [link]
R10: Exile and Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters [link]
R9: PGA European Tour [link]
R8: Shadow of the Beast II [link]
R7: Treasure Island Dizzy [link]
R6: Fire Force and B.C Kid [link]
R5: Turrican 3 [link]
R4: Shadow of the Beast [link]
R3: Deluxe Galaga AGA and Llamatron 2112 [link]
R2: Jim Power [link]
R1: Indianapolis 500 [link]

2018 Season:
R14: Max Rally [link]
R13: James Pond - Underwater Agent [link]
R12: SWOS '94 & Speedball 2 [link]
R11: Toki [link]
R10: PGA Tour Golf [link]
R9: Zarathrusta and Zool 2 [link]
R8: Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 [link]
R7: Ziriax [link]
R6: St.Dragon and Paradroid 90 [link]
R5: Rainbow Islands [link]
R4: Microprose Formula One Grand Prix [link]
R3: Screech and Alien Fish Finger [link]
R2: F1 (Domark) [link]
R1: Pinball Dreams [link]

2017 Season:
R14: Monster Business [link]
R13: Amegas [link]
R12: Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge & Microprose F1GP [link]
R11: Golden Axe [link]
R10: Super Cars [link]
R9: Alien Breed SE 97 and Arabian Nights [link]
R8: Turrican 2 [link]
R7: Benefactor [link]
R6: Lionheart & Tetris Pro [link]
R5: Pac-Mania [link]
R4: Mega Typhoon [link]
R3: The Adventures of Quik and Silva & Blocky Skies [link]
R2: Apidya [link]
R1: Rick Dangerous 2 [link]

2016 Season:
R14: Aquanaut (F1 Licenceware) [link]
R13: Sensible Soccer 1.1 [link]
R12: Lemmings and Leander [link]
R11: Aladdin [link]
R10: Super Cars II
R9: Rodland [link]
R8: California Games & Operation Wolf [link]
R7: Bally II [link]
R6: Goal! [link]
R5: Zeewolf 2: Wild Justice [link]
R4: Mine Runner & POD [link]
R3: Final Fight [link]
R2: Prince Of Persia and Roadkill [link]
R1: Slam Tilt [link]

2015 Season:
R14: Stunt Car Racer TNT [link]
R13: World Class Leader Board [link]
R12: Volfied & Vektor Storm [link]
R11: Rick Dangerous [link]
R10: The Chaos Engine [link]
R09: Super Skweek [link]
R08: Obsession & Plat-man [link]
R07: Wings [link]
R06: The Great Giana Sisters [link]
R05: Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge [link]
R04: Q-Bic & Crazy Sue [link]
R03: Microprose Formula One Grand Prix [link]
R02: Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 & First Samurai [link]
R01: SWIV [link]

2014 Season:
R14: SCR TNT [link]
R13: Agony [link]
R12: Menace & Midnight Resistance [link]
R11: Liquid Kids [link]
R10: Super Hang-On [link]
R09: Stardust [link]
R08: Zool & Summer Games II [link]
R07: Jumping Jack'Son [link]
R06: Buggy Boy [link]
R05: Hybris [link]
R04: Solid Gold & Revenge of the Mutant Camels [link]
R03: Klax [link]
R02: Superfrog & Pang [link]
R01: Crazy Cars III: [link]

Note: The following games are now back in play!
2013 Season:
R14: Lotus 2 [link]
R13: No Second Prize [link]
R12: Dogs Of War & Disposable Hero [link]
R11: Snow Bros [link]
R10: Pinball Fantasies [link]
R09: IK+ [link]
R08: Arkanoid & GeeBee Air Rally [link]
R07: Risky Woods [link]
R06: Arcade Pool [link]
R05: Speedball 2 [link]
R04: Downfall & BabeAnoid [link]
R03: The New Zealand Story [link]
R02: All Terrain Racing [link]
R01: Test Drive II [link]

If a game comes in OCS/ECS and AGA versions, please state your preference in your vote. In the event the versions differ gameplay-wise, the version with most votes will be played. ECS is the default if you don't specify.

Bugged Games:
If you know of any games with nasty bugs that could mess up a competition, please get in touch with one of the moderators. Either lifeschool or John4p.

Everyone (especially guests) are welcome to play, vote, and chat at any time :amiga:

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