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Resurrecting an old thread, but... I got Motif & mwm from ASV working on Amix!

It's Motif 1.1.1 and it seems to require the X11 libs from ASV, so, you need to set an appropriate LD_LIBRARY_PATH before executing mwm.

It can be downloaded from here:

(there are some other pkgs I've built in that same directory, many of which are also now mirrored on's download section)

gunzip it, then install with pkgadd -d `pwd`/atari-motif.pkg

Details on what I did to get it going are in /usr/atariX/README.amix

Now that we have Motif, I'm working on compiling NCSA Mosaic with it. The docs seem to indicate that it should work with Motif 1.1, and I've had to #ifdef around a few things, but now it's failing at the final link stage.

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