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I could mount (one of) the asv-richard image (asv_boot.img) partitions like this:

mount -o ro,loop,offset=149504000,sizelimit=191054848 -t ufs asv_boot.img /media/test

The "file" command gives this info about that partition:
Unix Fast File system [v1] (big-endian), last mounted on /home, last written at Sat Jun 8 04:06:41 1991, clean flag 0, number of blocks 186577, number of data blocks 180288, number of cylinder groups 56, block size 8192, fragment size 1024, minimum percentage of free blocks 10, rotational delay 2ms, disk rotational speed 60rps, TIME optimization

You can extract/copy the X11/Motif-related files from that partition (look in rootshadow/bin/X11). Maybe someone could try mounting the other partitions and trying to run some of the command-line (non-X) binaries on AMIX?
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