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Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
I got up to about Part 1, Step 13 where you start the emulation and have to launch HDToolBox. I created my hard file exactly as your guide says (2GB, IDE-0, RDB mode) and everything went well. Then as soon as the emulation began, I pressed F12, go to the CD & Hard Drives section, and noticed an 'E' in the box next to where it says IDE. As a result, Change Drive Type is grayed out and nothing appears in the list.
I've checked the config...

I see, that you doesn't let emulate a PPC accelerator board. You had choosen a 68030 CPU so I think you'll have mor problems installing AmigaOS 4.1 as you think. You should emulate a A4000 with 68060 and PPC to get best results.

To install a hard file in IDE mode i doesn't see any problems in the config.

Please try to start HDToolBox from CLI with:

cd DF0:HDTools
HDToolBox scsi.device
or check the Tooltypes of HDToolBox as set another DEVICE. It must look like:

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