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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Have you seen what happens when you move the window up and down, emufan? You'll need full-window dragging enabled of course.
not sure, if i understood, but i made a little video. it is the region from my images above.
Workbench 800x600 and the Windowed size starts with 800x600 as well.
when you see lines moving up or down, I do move the workbench shell window.
after a short black image i was scaling the winuae window, and make it a bit larger
several times.
at the end i scale the winuae window again to 800x600.

here is the link to the video at sendvid - is a cool and fast videohoster, no need to make an account.

#1) if these are known scaling/aspectratio problems, then tell me and all is ok

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