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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
But you can do it so Atari ST white (Amiga $777) maps to 24-bit $FCFCFC which is better than $EEEEEE. Instead of
vi *= 2;
vi = (vi + vi&7)*2;
I know but I only wanted to add one option. Ok, option moved to Brightness/Contrast/etc select box and both options added

(I guess that could alternatively be implemented in a GPU shader?)
Yes but it is not my problem.

By the way... what is the "resolution" of the BPLCON0 COLOR bit? The A1000 schematics I found online aren't very clear. If COLOR is 0 during the colour burst period of the scanline (i.e. between sync pulse start of active part of the line), then there being no colour burst, will a real NTSC monitor show the whole line as monochrome, even if COLOR is set to 1 at some point later in the scanline?
I assumed it is scanline based, didn't bother to test because it probably depends on monitor or other more mysterious things..

EDIT: I forgot that my A1000 has NTSC composite encoder but PAL Agnus and NTSC main crystal = can't really test this..

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