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Originally Posted by Hedeon View Post
He means the missing is required. Not the Permit(). That needs to be missing in case of a WB program. That is does not work for you is either:

1) Your code is faulty somewhere
2) You are not really starting from WB and the WB code (ReplyMsg) gets executed anyway.

You refer to the wrong part of the RKM. See Toni's remark about that.
Well, now it is much clearer why the additional Permit() works for the mentioned demo. I don't call this demo by a separate process. I load it with LoadSeg() and execute it with a jsr command. So the demo doesn't return the normal way to CLI, it returns to my main program. Normally as I know now, the return to the CLI is like a Permit() and task rescheduling is enabled. But after the demo has returned, I do many other things in my main program until I return to CLI. It seems, in this case, the additional Permit() is needed as a counterpart for the Forbid() of the demo like Commodore suggested in their autodocs.
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