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Originally Posted by watman View Post
Is it mouse-only, or is there a chance it will support USB gamepads?

At the moment the firmware is mouse-only, but it can be easily extended to handle all kind of HID-compliant devices (so including USB gamepads).

Automatic discovery will come "for free", because any HID device declares himself to the board upon connection.

It is only a matter for me of having the time to work at it (at the moment I can handle a few hours during weekends ) !

As soon as the "production" boards will arrive from China, I am planning a full weekend of tests, and I am expecting myself to add some of these functions to the firmware.

Originally Posted by watman View Post
Also, is there a way to add the regular joyport there, and the automatic selector?
You read my mind
Me and another Italian "Amigaware hobbyist" (SukkoPera) are planning to merge this project together with his "OpenMouseSwitcher" into a new "all-in-one" board which will do (besides switching a joy on mouseport, also).

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