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HID2AMI - *Any* HID mouse and HID gamepad to Amiga adaptor/converter

(logo by Oge)

HID2AMI GitHUB page with details, compatibility list, instructions !

Updated 17-Apr-2019: v1.8.b:
- Added support for SONY DUALSHOCK3 original pads

Updated 13-Apr-2019: v1.8.a:
- Fixed a stupid bug which prevented some 12-bit-axis mice to be correctly managed
Updated 10-Apr-2019: v1.8.9:
- Changed mousewheel behaviour:
1) Defaults to no action [hint: probably adding freemouse support in one of next updates]
2) Pressing all three mouse buttons together, board enters "pointer speed setting" mode [Led stops blinking->firmly lit]
3) Rolling Mousewheel now changes pointer speed / DPI sensitivity
4) Pressing all three button together again will save current setting and return to default behaviour [Led starts blinking again]
- Added support for Logitech MK250
- Added support for RAPOO 5G Wireless Mouse
- Added support for ATARI ST Mouse port (ALL devices)
Updated 30-Mar-2019: v1.8.8:
- Added support for Logitech M305 BT WL mouse
- Added Support for Trust IVY 18519 Wireless Mouse
Updated 12-Mar-2019: v1.8.7:
- Added support for Logitech MX510 MX518 G305 G203 G403 G603 G703 G903 gaming mice
- Added Support for Steelseries Rival 110 600 Gaming mice
Updated 04-Mar-2019: v1.8.6
- Added support for Logitech G506, G5 and GPro gaming Mice
- Added Support for Steelseries Rival 100 300 310 500 Gaming Mice
Updated 28-Feb-2019: v1.8.5
- Added support for MS Intellimouse Explorer Wireless
- Added support for generic concole-usb dual stick adapters
Updated 28-Feb-2019: fw revision 1.8.0
- Added support for Dual Shock 4 PS4 original controllers;
- Added support for 3rd party PS3 and PS4 compatible controllers;
- Improved support for Logitech wireless and gaming mice
Updated 11-Feb-2019: fw revision 1.7.3
- Added custom free mapping of first 4 buttons of Gamepad. By pressing 4buttons+LeftStickDown the board enters in mapping mode; pressing in turn single buttons maps them on Amiga1->Amiga2->Up->Down
- Added custom mapping config autosave: each custom configuration is permanently stored and recalled upon Gamepad reconnection.
- Separate permanent configs (up to 20) are saved and recalled automatically upon recognition of Gamepads brand/model
- Added support for 12 bit high resolution gaming mice
- Added customizable real-time mouse pointer speed adjust, by rolling the mousewheel forward/backwards
Updated 22-Jan-2019: New mapping for pad buttons (B1-B2-UP) and new pad decoding core (even faster) [/COLOR][/B]
Updated 21-Jan-2019: Added support for MS peripherals, XBOX 360 Gamepad clones and MS Intellimouse, fw revision 1.6.0
Updated 20-Jan-2019: Setup GitHub page with building instructions, fw revision 1.5.2
Updated 16-Jan-2019: Added support for USB 2.0 and PS3/PC pads, fw revision 1.5.2
Updated 09-Jan-2019: Added support for Analog Sticks (mapped to digital outputs towards Amiga), fw revision 1.4.2
Updated 15-Dec-2018: final pcb arrived and tested with positive results !

I am presenting here my latest hobbyist project:

-- What it is:

HID2AMI is an HID mouse to quadrature waveform converter and HID Gamepad adapter for the Amiga (and AtariST also..) series of boards; it allows ANY modern HID mouse (not limited to PS/2-USB) and almost ANY (*) modern digital/analog Gamepad to be connected and enjoyed with our Amiga computers.

(*) see the compatibility list on github to have an overview of tested peripherals

There are a few similar free projects out there on the net (the most known is Smallymouse2), as well as a number of "commercial" projects (coccolino, Ryz, Tom2 ..) but this one has some major advantages:

- it is natively Amiga-oriented;
- it is frequently updated;
- hw schematics and pcbs are open and free;
- handles and manages any HID mouse, joystick and gamepad with autodiscover of capabilities and automatic button mapping
- it is a 100% Italian project (ok, I admit this one could not be the smartest thing to write on an English board )

-- How does it work ? (in brief):

HID2AMI recognizes and manages any HID device connected to its USB interface; if the device is recognized as an HID mouse, then HID2AMI starts understanding live movements and button pressings of the peripheral, then converting both of them into proper quadrature waveforms (and Amiga mouse button pressings) which can be properly understood by the Amiga itself, as if a quadrature "Amiga" mouse was connected.

If the device is recognized as an HID gamepad, then HID2AMI maps pad's controls on the Amiga Joystick port/interface.
Gamepad's buttons are mapped evenly on Amiga button1/button2 inputs.

There is no need to manually configure the emulation mode: device recognition and operation mode switching are automatically performed by HID2AMI itself.

-- How far is the project complete ?

The final rev. 1.1.0 pcbs are in "production".

-- Who developed HID2AMI ?

HID2AMI hardware and firmware were designed and developed by Sampedenawa, following a discussion born on Italian Amiga forum.

-- Will it be shared/given away/sold ?

At the moment my idea is to release the schematics as open source, while keeping the firmware code closed: I would like to distribute soon a number of boards to anyone could be interested.
This is why I would like to share this project with other of Amiga fans, but I would not definitively like finding some "wise guy" making money by cloning and selling my project without having spent a minute on helping develop it.

Anyone could be interested in it, please share your thoughts here !

-- Ok bud, you talked enough, but can we have a look at it ?

Sure !



------------ > Videos of HID2AMI in action:

HID2AMI with USB HID mouse HID2AMI with Thrustmasted Wireless gamepad HID2AMI with Logitech Wingman


Please give me feedbacks !

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