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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
I just tried to launch lotus 2 adf on a cdtv config and launch cdda cd-rom...
It seems to works now every time but still not hear the cdda sound !!!
But the on-screen display show the cd light flashing.
Will put logs if you need. I never had any problem with cdda sound, I play often cd32 games or cdtv with no problems.Still don't know why when i try to launch cdda with the front panel cdtv, i still have no music ???
ps: i tried different kind of cdda isos.
I think the unanswered question is still the exact same: Is it even supposed to work that way? (Only real hardware test result is allowed and I am too lazy to test it)

(and logs are ALWAYS needed!)

EDIT: And what does this have to do with 3.1? There surely is no changes related to your question. (And if there is, as first post says, you should include version which broke/fixed something). Your post lacks all important information.

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