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Originally Posted by Jeff_Birt View Post
I'm new to Amiga but I'm surprised there are not more tools for easily creating ADFs since they seem to be so prevalent in use. Yes, I understand an ADF is a disk image.

So, if you have a group of files you want to create an ADF from how do you do so?
That kind of ADF creating is a hit or miss process, and can't be automated reliably. The programs distributed in LHA/LZX/Zip/etc archives are meant to be started from a Workbench environment. They usually require libraries, fonts, devices, or other resources from the (installed) operating system.

So, if you just dump them on a disk image without actual OS files, it's very likely that they won't run or don't run optimally (running programs on accelerated Amigas without Setpatch will make them slower than should etc).

If you want to create these kind of ADF images, you should know exactly what programs require and what are the minimum OS files, settings, assigns, etc you need. It differs for each program.
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