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@ marco pedrana

Hi Marco, I'm from Italy too :-))

Regarding DISK2FDI and ADFread: I tested them thoroughly with lots of floppies and many floppy disk drives (3.5" and 5.25", PC-drives and even Amiga-drives. Teac, Chinon, Epson, Sony, etc., DD and/or HD).
To be sure of the results I always made two dumps of each floppy (I recommend this, even if it can seem senseless) and then compared them byte-by-byte with UltraEdit32.

I found that:
- DISK2FDI is always affordable. Absolutely always. The two dumps are identical, ever.
With _every_ drive I tried, I obtained the same, correct dumps
- ADFread is rarely affordable. The two dumps are rarely equal, and the results depend on the floppy drives used in the process. But, even with the best combination of drives, I rarely obtain two equal dumps.
The strange/dangerous thing is that ADFread reports no read errors. And when it does find errors (on disks read with no problem at all using DISK2FDI) it gives the opportunity to retry, effectively retrying only the problematic tracks. However, at the end of the process, I have the same problem: incorrect dump.

I'm not opening a new topic with this (very severe, I think) problem because I'm discussing it with the author of ADFread (I don't want him to get upset, although he confessed me that he couldn't test ADFread personally, not having a PC with two floppies etc.. !!). I'll send him some dumps, because he would like to see the differences between two or more dumps of the same disk. I think (but hope not) this will come to nothing, because the differences seem random... however I'll make some new dumps and send him.

However, until this thing is cleared out, I recommend to all of you to *not* use ADFread.
Or, if you can't use other dumping methods, at least make two dumps and compare them with a hex editor like UltraEdit+UltraCompare.
In many case the games load fine, but some bytes here and there may cause problems when playing it (or disks can give Read/Write Workbench errors). It could be hard to notice, so... make 2 dumps and compare! :-)

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