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Ok, the quick way is after you made the sprites/bobs in Deluxe paint grab each one in the Amos object editor and also width the same palette/resolution you use for these object make a background image, after the object grab load iff as background image and them show your sprite/bobs in the screen and the result must be ok in colours aspect, dont need to get spritte palette calls, feel free to askme more help if you want , hope you can continue explorer The great Amos

Remember Amiga sprites only are 16 pixel wide bigger than that is a Bob so if you try to show a bob like a sprite maybe you can get rong color or other issues...

Also max sprite colour are 8 , sprites its ok for misils, or similar small forms who need move very quick or like that, but I not usually use sprites for me bobs are better in major cases, big dimensions colours and moving using Amal its all smooth fast i need

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