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Poseidon USB Stack install failure!!!!

I swear I've done everything right (and wrong just to see) and this thing isn't working.

I bought the Subway USB controller & installed it correctly, but software seems to be an issue.

I run the Poseidon install disk & it fails at the same point no matter what options I choose.

When it asks if I want to add to the Startup-Sequence I can choose "yes" or "no", but it still adds it.

Then when it comes to the next point "T:New_startup" or something along those lines, the machine displays oddly then locks up every time!

Even if I have optioned NOT to begin the program at start-up, it still writes to my startup-sequence & the machine will not boot...lucky I back up...but 10 HDD failures in one night is making me upset.

It's an A2000 running a Commodore '030 card, Buddha Flash Phoenix card and Nexus SCSI controller (IDE hard drive connected to Buddha, SCSI not used, Nexus for RAM only).

Please, can anybody tell me what is going on? Maybe I need a new Poseidon install disk?


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