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Point aimed Up is a pentacle and the points of the star do not break the circle. When the point in down, then it takes on a different meaning and often that is pentagram. Associated with...misinformation. Or people wanting to scare others or seem -- haha -- badass because of what Hollywood and such have done with it in horror movies.

Some people are unaware of the Pentacle and it's historical significance. Just as the Swastika origins predated Hitler and was associated with Buddha in a very peaceful way; unlike Hitler. This is why I was very curious about what I saw.

Watched Mental Hangover from YouTube, appreciate the share. Looks like they were having more fun with it than anything else. A little "OOoOOoo.." factor, too. Cool. Great graphics for the day! Couldn't read some of the scrolls at the end, but...that's how it goes with some demos.
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