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Originally Posted by AC/DC HACKER! View Post
I was disappointed by the Pagan/Wicca Pentacle being turned into the misinformed Pentagram at the end. Pagans and Wiccans are very loving people...nothing "Evil" about what they do.
The pentagram is the SCX sign.

I have Workbench set to a Picasso 96 screen, and saw the WB between each load. The Picasso 4 screens leave almost all CHIP RAM free when using OS 3.1 to 3.5. With 3.9 and BB4, all is free.
If the script the demo comes with is executed it fades the screens to black so wb is not visible.

However, I commented out the last file...I don't enjoy seeing the Pentacle perverted that way...and it doesn't really ADD anything to the demo.
Check the SCX roots and you'll see why the pentagram is used. There's nothing even remotely "pervert" about it and it does belong to the demo.
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