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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
if they are really sprites and not bobs, bear in mind they use the upper 16 colours in the palette, that is, colours 17 to 31. They should appear the same even on a 2 colour screen, because sprites are independent of the screen.

Also since a 16 colour sprite is two sprites joined together, make sure you only use even sprite numbers.
Thanks Mrs Beanbag.
Yes it is a sprite (not Bob) 16x16 px in 16 colours.

It gets more curious........
i copied the lower 16 colours to the upper 16 and now I get more than 3 colours, but still the colours are wrong(in a different way).

eg :
for i=0 to 15:colour(i+16),colour (i):next i

I'm obviously going wrong somewhere.
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