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If it's ever released it should have Scalos as an optional desktop.
The UAE version must have support for 1080p if not a 4k resolution.
Wich means bigger icons and fonts.

The latest Scalos can scale icons on the fly, has support for tt-fonts and can display any type of icon available on the amiga even on 3.1 only systems.
All that without the infamous AfA or the superb PeterK icon.library.

I say if Dary ever gets in the mood or finds the time to work on a version 5 he should at least consider to try it.
Amikit somehow treats it as an orphan(maybe because it has problems with AfA). Wich I think is imho not fair.
It's by far not as good as DOpus. But it does only claim to be "the better Workbench".
And that is more than true.Even the old v1.2 is magnitudes better than a raw 3.9.The Classic Workbench packs or AIAB are good examples.
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