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Well, in the end I mostly do this for me. It´s the game of my life! I play this and that game and always return to Goal!. I was always bothered that it had this flaws and errors and then I got my hands on Dino Dini File System. And then I said, hey now I could really make it the way it was intended to be.
I came here to this forum so that maybe someone could help me, but o.k., I know it´s 20 years old.
What I fear the most is that I apparently will never get finished. Everytime I search a little, I get new information like someone´s a left footer and then the teams change. And with so many teams and players, many very unknown youth players, it´s terrible.

I continue this thread because I see the views growing a little and I think the one or other is interested without wanting to post in this thread.

I would really like you to make 2013 teams. Tell me, if I can be of help. I have some links that maybe could help you. I am very uncreative in inventing players´values, but would do this to, if necessary.
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