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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
2mb would be only for a computer with tile hardware. With no tile hardware, you need 4mb (count also the conversion of the music and sfx, taking quite an amount of ram space).
I think you vastly overestimate the requirements. Keep in mind that the Amiga version would use reduced graphics and sound (fewer colours, 8 bit samples).

You can also load stuff off disk when required so no need to keep it all in RAM.

The main problem with SF2 is that the sprites are massive and everything very colourful. The blitter just isn't fast enough to use 256 colour modes... Maybe 32 colours, but it gets tricky because you actually have four palettes you need to manage:

1. Character 1
2. Character 2
3. Background
4. Health/time display

The first three can be different every time.

The blitter speed is the real limitation on the Amiga. It's why so many games use 16 colour modes, or dual playfield. The Amiga's sprites are rarely used for actual sprites, instead being either for status displays or an extra layer of parallax.

The best games work within those limitations. Using the separate sprite palette and the copper you can get a lot of colours on screen and really effectively hide the limitations, but you need to design the game with that in mind from the very start. Arcade ports are obviously designed for CPS2 hardware.
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