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I understand this.

If I want use hardfiles etc. I'll create special .fs-uae files.

I now have build a first config XML for "Amiga OS 3.1". This file is based on the ADF files from Cloantos Amiga Forever. Please check them and import the files in database, if you want!

I'll create this also for "Workbench 1.3" and "Amiga OS 2.0".

One point for my question above:

The config entry "<num_floppy_drives>1</num_floppy_drives>" works, but only if I clear DF1 to DF3. The config XML still fills the fields for DF1 to DF3. Is there a way to fix this, if "<num_floppy_drives>1</num_floppy_drives>" is set?

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