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I should clarify one thing about the database: It is structured the way it is to make it possible for people to cooperate in creating and maintaining a set of known good configurations (though future tools could make this much easier and more accessible, but that is a bit beside the point). So ideally, I would hope in time that people would fix entries, add images etc and send these back to be merged and re-distributed for all to enjoy.

So if "personal" configurations are mixed in with the database, it would be more difficult to merge fixes (etc), though it is not really a problem if these personal files were kept strictly separate from the other.

Another point is that I don't really consider the database format final. If I have a good reason to consider another way of organizing the information for better collaboration, I will probably change it. If I get database fixes contributed back, I will then convert these to a possible future format, but private and withheld database entries may not work in a future launcher version...

And in your case, I still don't see the advantage of putting the Amiga/Workbench configuration into the XML database when a .fs-uae file would be more fitting Also, with the recent support for portable FS-UAE folders in the launchers, .fs-uae files are even more convenient to use for a small set of personal setups, even across computers and operating systems.

But to answer your specific questions:
* The floppy drive issue you mention is a practical issue also for games. One can specify the option "floppy_drive_count" to set the max number of drives to be automatically!
* Another option which is needed, but not implemented yet, is a way to specify the floppy insert order, for instance -for Monkey Island 2, you will not want to initially start with disks 1, 2, 3 and 4 as the game needs another set of disks to start the game.
* Hard drive folders and .hdf files are not supported in the database, because there haven't been a use case for this. Zip files will be assumed are hard drives though (part of the WHDLoad support).
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