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Hey Frode,

how can I specifiy, that my machine have only one floppy drive, if the game have more than one disk, but doesn't support more then one drive?

In this case, I write a database entry for "Amiga Workbench 3.1". The complete disk set has six floppies. But if I scan it in FS-UAE Launcher the firt 4 entries are mapped to 4 drives. But I want to have a plain A1200 machine with only one drive.

"<num_floppy_drives>1</num_floppy_drives>" will be set, but doesn't work!

<config uuid="amiga-workbench-31-a1200">
  <name>Amiga Workbench Version 3.1, Amiga A1200</name>
  <game uuid="amiga-workbench-31">
    <name>Amiga Workbench 3.1</name>
    <name>Workbench 3.1 - Workbench Disk.adf</name>
    <name>Workbench 3.1 - Extras Disk.adf</name>
    <name>Workbench 3.1 - Locale Disk.adf</name>
    <name>Workbench 3.1 - Fonts Disk.adf</name>
    <name>Workbench 3.1 - Storage Disk.adf</name>
    <name>Workbench 3.1 - Install Disk.adf</name>

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