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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
Here is an alternative link-creating script ( Instead of just symlinking to the image-directory for each game, it recreates the entire database directory structure (relevant for a game) for each game and includes symlinks to the images directory, the game xml and all configuration xml's for that game.

You'll understand what I mean if you run the script and see what's created in Documents/FS-UAE/Amiga/Links... (I forgot to mention in the last post that the links are created in "Documents/FS-UAE/Amiga/Links"...)

This means that when you have modified something for a game (either XML or images), you can zip down the directory for that game and this zip file will contain all XML's and images for the game -with the directory structure intact.

Remember that if you associate a (previously unassociated) configuration with a game, you must run the again to ensure that the configuration XML is symlinked into the "game link directory".
If this is used, the "Links" folder should be copied outside the FS-UAE scanning folders. In other case all configs are shown twice in FS-UAE Launcher.
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