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26 games here, which isn't a bad turnout at all. This wasn't without a headache or two, though.

Firstly, we will be tightening the rules of this up next year. You will absolutely have to pick a game that is unknown to you, so if you're voting for it regularly in normal rounds and seem to have some decent knowledge of it, that probably won't fit the bill. However, we were a bit slow in taking action on this, so not everyone who got a message has logged on in time to change their nominations. Sorry about this if it seemed a bit messy.

Secondly, anyone who got their nominations in after the deadline won't find their choices here. Sorry about that but a closing date is a closing date.

Thirdly, please can we stick to the 'two games + a backup' format rigidly in future. Not everyone did this but we did let it slide a bit this time.

It's still a good turnout though so thanks to all those who contributed. Hopefully next year we can all stick to the spirit (and the timekeeping!) of this round, but in the meantime have fun with this one.
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