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EAB/Lemon Super League 2017: Round 14 Game Vote

EAB/Lemon Super League 2017: Round 14 Game Vote - MYSTERY ROUND
Starts: 00:01 October 15 Finishes: 23:59 October 28


Full rules are here.

Vote for five games.

Your first choice gets 5 points, second 4 pts, third 3 pts, fourth 2 pts, fifth 1 pt.

Remember to choose games suitable for competition play. Edited votes will be discounted (unless told otherwise) so think before you post. Please only vote on one board - either EAB or Lemon.

If a game comes in ECS and AGA versions, please state your preference in your vote. In the event the versions differ gameplay-wise, the version with most votes will be played. ECS is the default if you don't specify.

The winner of Round 13 has double voting power for Round 14. (1 = 10 points, 2 = 8 points etc). However, because the voting for the next round ends before the current round ends, players must place their votes and wait for the current round to end to see who will have their vote doubled.

Tactical or nosey voters can see the Lemon voting thread here.

This is the vote for the second Mystery Round of the season, so only games nominated during the nomination period can be voted for. Please choose your votes from the games listed below: (HOL/Lemon/YouTube links added where available)

After The War
Amiga Encounter
Baby Bug
Cybersphere Plus
International Sports Challenge
Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja
Kid Gloves II
Mega Lo Mania
Monster Business
Naughty Ones
Navy Seals
Parasol Stars
Star Goose
World Class Rugby 95
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