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Interesting thoughts on hardcore gaming + a HC game (another world-like)

2 parts in this post: 1) enjoyable readings 2) link to a game

1) While browsing on the threads dedicated to the Lost Snowmen

I stumbled upon a series of wiki-like 'articles' with a lot of examples of points related to old/hard core games.
Although it mostly refers to the console world, I think many points are shared with some amiga games (and also modern games). Actually I remember reading a few references to Turrican and Another World.

Here is a selection of some interesting articles:

fake difficulty
Nintendo Hard
A Winner is You
Goddamned bats
Demonic Spiders. I especially like the reference to the medusa heads in Castlevania
Self Imposed challenge. I guess many of us here have already experienced this
Super Title 64 Advance. I hope there is also something for Street Fighter EX+ turbo alpha revival III gold: the fighter destiny nightmare

Most of the hyperlinks to other articles don't appear clearly there (at least in firefox, it some darkish blue, which looks like normal text) so don't mind moving the mouse over the text.

2) If you you are in need of a game with the same trial and error gameplay as Another World/Rick Dangerous, with ridiculous difficulty, try I wanna be the guy

I heavily advise downloading only the demo version, to get a taste of the game.

I also recommend not reading the FAQ the first times. Then read it and discover a few things in the game.

Then you can also check the many youtube videos there are to see how sadistic a designer can be.

Have fun (well, you probably won't)
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