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Originally posted by Shatterhand
Not to forget the old "All your base..."
The whole intro of Zero Wing is very quotable

On MSX, there's a famous Pac Man clone, that when you die, the hero yells OOOOHHHH SHIIIITTT!!!!!

very cool
War was beginning
Captain: What happened?

Mechanic: Somebody set us up with a bomb.

Operator: we are getting a signal.

Captain: What?

Operator: Main screen, turn on.

Captain: Its You!!

Cats: How are you gentlemen!!

Cats: All your base belongs to us.

Cats: You are on your way to destruction.

Captain: What you say!!

Cats: You have no chance to survive, make your time.

Cats: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Operator: Captain!!

Captain: Take off every Zig!!

Captain: You know what you are doing.

Captain: Move Zig.

Captain: For great justice.

Classic Engrish....
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