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The Amiga scene is fragmented more than my pc hard drive, this will only dwindle more each year unless the bone heads who own the copyrights come together and put something together to grab some of the retro pie that is driving sales, and get more people back and interested in the Amiga again.

A ultra low cost mini amiga that brings nostalgia whilst at the same time is enabled to download and play any new game, like a nes mini or spectrum next combined, but lower cost with no fpga onboard, so whilst the purists may shudder, software emulation is the way to go without paying higher costs, Armiga got some points right but it needs to be more consumer friendly and have a mini keyboard for obvious reasons

Price low, around £149 max, £99 would be the ideal price to get impulse buyers, but realistically i wouldnt know if thats possible.
Cheap dual core cpu to keep cost low, built in wifi to download from a ‘online store’
Afaik no android emulator has 2 player support, base on raspberry pi software?
Licensed with kickstarts and workbench
Needs to have licensed Amiga name on case, box etc
Built in 50-100 games, mix of now freeware, some pd, would be interesting to see what could be obtained for minimum cost or free.
Game options, tv modes etc pad controls
Save states etc

I mean technically you could use a rpi3 saving any work and cost on the circuit board designs, again its not for Amiga purists, its for old Amiga gamers in their 40-50s that want to sample Amiga games again along with getting new interest in the Amiga from new young gamers.

Maybe as John Lennon once sang i’m a dreamer, but the Amiga is being left behind in the retro scene with various other machines getting mini versions, flashcards etc ive numerous times had people say why isnt there an Amiga mini, or how can i play Amiga games without all the hassle of a setting up an emulator on a pc (Amiga emulation is far from easy for newbies) faffing around with a raspberry pi and setting everything up, not everyone wants to do that, people just want to plug and play and its just another reason why the Amiga gets forgotten as a gaming platform in todays world.
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