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Amiga scene desperately needs two things.

If you look at every other major retro computer/console there is a huge community developing games for it. Just look at c64. The games coming out today are better than the ones that came out in its prime.

I am pretty sure amiga is the second most popular retro computer. There really should be a lot more for the amiga today.

I feel the amiga scene is hampered by two major bottlenecks.

1. A cheap and easy to use sd/usb-cartridge for amiga 500 expansion side port. With cf-hdd and usb/sd slot for file transfer.

Something that you can just plug in and download some games and play. Like every other machine out there.

2. A cheap and good version of the cd32 controller. This to encourage future games to be made with more than 2 buttons.

The entry cost into the amiga scene is extremely high. Both in cash but also in research. Both a600 and a1200 go for more than 300 euro today. At the same time you can get an 500 for 70.

It is just unreasonable to think the amiga scene could ever grow if the entry or get back to cost is above 400 bucks or more.
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