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I'm not going to scan ad's, unless it's for a product that's reviewed in that issue, or it's of significance (could be any reason, from history to someone requesting it...), otherwise you end up with too much irrelivent stuff.

I'm aiming to preserve the serious articles, user guides, educational bits and reviews rather than the editorial, letters etc. But if others wish to do it differently, then that's fine by me. The reason I'm doing it the way I am, is so that the end file retains its readability under magnification.

I'll post the first couple of pages I've done - in zipped PDF - so you can see what I'm aiming for. This is an article from Computer Shopper on upgrading the A500(+). It's got nasty text layout, huge gfx and is bloody hard to get into PDF neatly. If you start with the hard bit the rest don't seem so bad
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