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I knew if anyone was going to take the time to help and painstakingly go through my disorganised code it was going to be you two. So thank you very much I do appreciate it.

Daedalus :-
I learn't quite a lot using the zone stuff. I think I did ask before on the best way to implement this and a few ideas were given. This was the one I found the easiest to understand at the time. Could you explain a map system a bit more if you don't mind. As I don't quite know what that means or entails.

There are a lot of qwrap commands, mostly in the counters section. Again my self taught hobby coding lets me down and I really don't know what you mean when you mention your substitute.

Yep my coding structure is god awful. I really do try with my indentation at the start of the project but I soon find it becomes very messy and hard to manage. I will look through the options in the editor as I have never looked at this, hopefully it will help.

The change in background is a great tip for trying to track these slowdowns. Thanks for that.

idrougge :-
Thanks idrougge, that background colour tip is great.

I knew there could probably be some improvements made here. I just didn't know what was best. i.e I didn't know case was quicker than lots of if/endif statements. Your definitely right about better use of else. I forget this as most of my previous xp is with C64 basic where else does not exist.

I have seen about saving and loading shapes in the Blitz manual and often thought I should be implementing it. I'm guessing the loading times may also be reduced against loading a whole fullscreen image too. Some of my failure to split this out is again related to my very monolithic C64 structure type where everything I did was under one listing. I must try to get away from this.
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