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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Everyone always treated config.sys/autoexec.bat like it was rocket science. As a 10 year old kid, I never had any problems optimizing these files.

Microsoft "MemMaker" always made me lose memory when I tried it, as it wasn't capable of doing it anywhere near as well as I was.
Exactly. Once you knew the basic principle, it was easy and just something you had to remember to tweak if you loaded more hardware with DOS drivers etc.

Some people would make a "games" boot disk to negate crap that Windows 3.1 would throw in these files but I never saw the need to do that. My main system files were good enough.

Now....ask me to write one TODAY? may take me a while and I'd be tempted to google it lol. But I'd try my best not to, and just dig my way through an existing one to work out the logic, just like we did before google

Good times.

Still have my old PII at my parents house but I dont recall needing to tweak things by that stage. Was more back on my 386 and then 486 Dos and Win3.11 PCs.
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