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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Yes you were!
You just don't remember frustration, because your mind had enough of it, and deleted bad memory (and left good memory of Amiga).

Joke aside,
I am sure you were frustrated when you had to get something that everybody called "driver". WTF is driver? I didn't had that on Amiga. You mean something like library? Well, let's copy-paste it then. It will not work (says your PC friend).

My initial shocks jumping to PC were:
1) What do you mean I can't just unplug the mouse and plug in a joystick?
2) What do you mean I may want to think about a "sound card"?
3) What do you mean "Not enough base memory"?
4) What do you mean I have to buy Amstrad Mouse only, because my Amstrad PC has a propitiatory connector????

Now, the last one aside, the others became positives over time.

I first added a 2 port "game card", and then later switched that out for a Soundblaster Pro 16 from Creative Labs.

And with the help of a mate, I became a master of managing base memory and writing config.sys files and autoexec.bat files to shift drives up into the massive remains of the 4MB RAM outside of the 256k base (what the hell were they thinking?)
To the point where as a youngster, in my first IT role in London, I could do this better than the support guys. ....I was in sales.
I got sent out on client jobs where everyone else had tried and failed, and shifted LAN card drivers and Novell stuff around, to free up most of the base RAM, so the shitty DOS based accounting software (who's name I will not mention) could actually run on a corporate network environment, despite the un-realistic expectations it had of how much base mem it could hog.

And as for Gaming.....X-Wing kept me more than happy on my 386.

But doom ran like shit lol
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